Loudoun County Public Schools - Division Dashboards

Welcome to the LCPS Division Dashboards page!

Division Dashboards provide the public with meaningful information on school and district progress so that they can participate in decisions to improve student learning. Our goal is to go beyond test scores and to provide a complete view of how Loudoun County Public Schools is meeting the needs of students, parents, and the community.

Through the Dashboards, visitors can find information related to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as enrollment counts, attendance rate, graduation rate, and more. Dashboards often display metrics at both the Division and School levels. Metrics for important student subgroups are also included when possible.

The Dashboards contain many interactive visualizations. For quick tips on how to add and remove filters, please see How do I filter?

District Summary

Total Employees
Graduation Rate
Avg. Attendance Rate
  *School total includes two Educational Centers (Academies of Loudoun, The North Star School)

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